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Nimble Connect Your Contacts. Build Profitable Relationships.

Email Marketing For Nimble

Nimble is a social CRM that unites your contacts from multiple channels into one simple interface. Nimble brings your social media feeds and more traditional outlets (like phone, Skype, and email) together so you're able to manage your communications all on one place.

Nimble and Mad Mimi connect easily in the cloud, aligning your email marketing with Nimble's elegant relationship management. Sync your Nimble contacts with your Mad Mimi audience and craft your email campaigns based on the latest social feedback.

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Grab a Nimble account and an itDuzzit account (itDuzzit will help connect Nimble and Mad Mimi).
  2. Connect your Nimble and Mad Mimi accounts to itDuzzit. You'll need your Mad Mimi API key for this
  3. Click Create a Duzzit.
  4. Select 'Cloud to Cloud' > Nimble > Mad Mimi.
  5. Choose the field and list settings you'd like to import into your Mad Mimi audience.
  6. If you want new Mad Mimi sign-ups to also update in Nimble, create another Duzzit connecting Mad Mimi > Nimble.

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